1957 Ford Country Sedan Wagon

The intermediate level 4 door, 6 passenger Country Sedan was the most popular station wagon of the five models available for the 1957 model year. Ford managed to sell a total of 135,251 of them that year with a grand total of 319,170 station wagons.

Ford outsold Chevrolet this year and produced more than twice as many station wagons.

Station wagons were longer and lower for ’57 and used their own special chassis. There was increased cargo space too – enough to sleep in if you wanted without having to open the rear doors.

57 Ford Country Sedan Station Wagon
rear view

This wagon is finished in the factory correct Colonial White and Dresden Blue (code CE).

Inside, there is new but original specification interior.

1957 Ford Country Sedan 6-passenger Interior
Dark blue and white vinyl interior

Under the hood sits the original 292 V8.   It’s been modified slightly as part of this excellent restoration and now features a Thunderbird specification intake manifild and a new Holley carburetor. And, for better reliability the original distributor has been replaced with a electronic ignition distributor. The engine is paired with a Ford-O-Matic Drive automatic transmission.

1957 Ford 292 V8
292 V8

In addition, the 4 wheel drum brakes have now been replaced with disc brakes all round.

Had you have ordered a 1957 Country Sedan (6-passenger) back when they were new it would have cost you $2,451 for the six cylinder version and $2,551 for one equipped with a 292 V8.

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