1964 Buick Electra 225

Buick’s full-size luxury car, the “Deuce and a Quarter“, was now in its sixth year. There were just minor changes for what would be the last of the slab-sided era. These included a new grille and a revised rear end with narrow vertical taillights.

Here we have a lovely original example in striking Teal Mist metallic paint with Arctic White roof that has covered just 78,786 miles in its lifetime – with no repaints.

Now on its second owner, this car is testament to both of them but particularly the original owner who had clearly looked after the car since they picked it up from the dealer.

rear view of a 64 Buick Electra 225
Rear view

Based on the General Motors C-body, the Electra 225 was 222.8 inches long (just over 18 and a half feet) and a wheel base of 126 inches.

Inside of this well-preserved car is the striking original brocade grey cloth and vinyl interior that has been preserved under plastic covering since the car first rolled off the factory floor all those year ago. So, that original material has never really been sat on!

well preserved interior of a 64 Electra 225
Original interior well preserved under cover

Under the hood, Electra’s came with a 401 cubic inch Wildcat 445 V8 engine as standard. Also standard is a Super Turbine 400 automatic transmission – a combination that provides 325 horsepower. We can see this example has been well cared for and sits in the original, unmolested engine bay.

1964 Wildcat 445 (401 cubic inch)
401 cubic inch Wildcat 445

Other standard features on these cars included; power steering, power brakes, dual-speed windshield wipers, padded instrument panel, electric clock and wheel skirts.

One extra thing the original owner did opt for when they ordered the car new, was an AM radio costing $90.

This beautiful Electra 225 is one of just 9,045 two-door hardtops made for the 1964 model year. The base price was $4,070.

This ’64 Electra 225 is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)