1968 Plymouth Belvedere Station Wagon – video walk around

This is an extremely clean 1968 Plymouth Belvedere Station Wagon (6-passenger) painted in Satin Beige with black interior.  It has a 318 cubic inch V8 engine with 904 TorqueFlite automatic transmission and was built in the Lynch Road, Detroit, MI assembly plant.

Belvedere was in Plymouth's intermediate range and saw a restyle for 1968 showing those classic 'Coke bottle' lines.

The Belvedere Wagon was touted as Plymouth's least expensive wagon but boasted 88 cubic feet of cargo space. It came with such luxuries as; glove box lock, dome light, front door courtesy light switches and roadside warning flasher.

There were 8,982 Plymouth Belvedere Station Wagons for 1968 with a base price of $2841 for the V8 (273 cubic inch version) - the 318 cubic inch V8 was $32 extra. A three-speed manual transmission was standard with an automatic transmission $227 extra.

This car is currently for sale on eBay.


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