1960 Plymouth Fury

1960 saw Plymouth’s top-of-the line Fury enter it’s second generation. It was also the year that all Chrysler cars (except Imperial) started using the new “Unibody” construction.

At the rear of the Full-size Plymouths the styling was similar to the previous couple of years, albeit with even bigger fins – quite the opposite of what the rest of Detroit was doing! Well, we call them fins but Plymouth were calling them “stabilizers“.

The 2-door hardtops also offered the “Ski-Hi” rear window that rose much further into the roofline offering the rear passengers a virtual sun roof.

Rear view of a 2-door hardtop - '60 Plymouth Fury
rear view

Inside, Fury interiors feature a deeply-contoured effect on the doors and had a choice of seat colors that included; blue, freen, red, caramel and turquoise.

Note the “High Tower” seat back in the driver position designed to offer greater comfort.

rich fabric and vinyl interior

Under the hood is a Super Commando 395 which is a 361 cubic inch, 305 horsepower V8. It cost an additional $206 over the standard 318 V-800 that came standard with the Fury. In addition the original owner of this car paid an additional $199 for a TorqueFlite automatic (push-button) transmission rather than the standard 3-speed manual.

Golden Commando 395 V8 engine from 1960
Golden Commando 395

Other options on this Fury include power steering and power brakes costing $77 and $43 respectively.

Plymouth produced 55,487 Furys during the 1960 model year with 18,079 of them being 2-door hardtops. Prices started at $2,599.

This ’60 Plymouth Fury is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)


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