1960 Plymouth Deluxe Suburban

1960 saw Plymouth now using unibody construction. It was also the last year their cars were styled with fins – or “stabilizers” as the sales literature was calling them.

Although the Suburban station wagons sat in their own series they were split into 3 lines: Deluxe, Custom and Sport. Each of these was equivalent in trim to their respective car lines: Savoy, Belvedere and Fury.

The two-tone paint on this car is subtle but if you can see that the roof and front fender scoops are painted white with the body in a light cream.

1960 Plymouth Suburban Rear
Rear view

As a base model and a workhorse vehicle you don’t expect the interior to be overly glamorous but it is still stylish. Those square Plymouth steering wheels always draw attention.

1960 Plymouth Deluxe Suburban Interior

Under the hood is a 225 cubic inch slant 6 engine – something else that was new for 1960. It was standard in the Savoy and Belvedere, together with the Deluxe and Custom Suburbans.

However, this one has been “spiced” up a little. It has two x 2-barrel carburetors (standard engine has one single barrel carburetor) with custom intake manifold that has been chromed. It also has custom made ceramic coated headers that are connected to a dual exhaust. Transmission is three on a tree.

1960 Plymouth 225
225 cubic inch slant 6 engine

The 4-door Deluxe Suburban was the most popular of all the Suburbans during the 1960 model year. Plymouth sold 18,482 of them at a base price of $2,623 for the six. Another $119 would get you the 318 Fury V-800 V8 engine.

This ’60 Plymouth Deluxe Suburban is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

Enjoy the video below