1959 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible

This has to be one of the most perfect cars for summer cruising - the 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible. This was the year the Sport Fury was introduced and it was the premium model for Plymouth, had just two models (the Convertible and 2-door hardtop) and only available with a V8.

Plymouth described it as a, 'light-hearted, youthful car - a new, fresh look in automobiles - and it performs with easgerness and spirit... a high stepping, nimble-footed masterpiece of luxury and comfort... a joy to behold and heaven to drive!'

Shown here in Bronze Metallic, it is a particularly striking Plymouth color, this is matched with a two-tone beige checker pattern cloth and bronze leather interior.

A distinctive Sport Fury feature is the upper side spear curves upwards to match the line of the rear fins. This is filled with a silver anodized aluminum panel with a Fury script mounted at the far end. Behind this mounted on the tailfin, are two, large "Forward Look" medallions.

1959 Plymouth Fury Convertible Side View

Side view

Power in this car comes from the 361 cubic inch Golden Commando V8 engine providing 305 horsepower.

1959 Plymouth Golden Commando 395

361 Cubic Inch Golden Commando 395

This was paired with the push-button controlled TorqueFlite automatic transmission. A three-speed manual transmission was standard with the TorqueFlite an extra $227 on the original purchase price. 

You can see the push-button control for the automatic transmission on the left of the instrumentation. This is a Chrysler Corporation feature that still amazes people today.

1959 Plymouth Sport Fury Interior

Nice interior! Those are swivel seats in the front!

A standard feature of the Sport Fury was the "Sport Deck". Following the fifties fashion trend of a continental kit designed to hold the spare tire, Plymouth provided a fake spare tire cover mounted in the trunk lid. It was standard on the Sport Fury and cost an additional $28 for other models.

1959 Plymouth Fury Sport Deck

Rear view showing the 'Sport Deck'.

The Sport Fury had a wheelbase of 118", a total length of 208.2" and was 78.2" wide.

Sport Fury buyers got a "Built especially for..." dash plaque when purchased new. It's found on the right side of the glove box door.

1959 Plymouth Sport Fury Name Plaque

Dash Plaque

Plymouth sold 5,990 Sport Fury Convertibles for the 1959 model year with a starting price of $3125.

This car is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

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