1951 Packard 250 Convertible

This 1951 Packard 250 Series Convertible painted in Matador Maroon with Tan cloth top has done just 68,000 miles in its life. Quite bright for the early fifties, this was one color of eleven available for the 1951 model year.

A completely new grille was seen for 1951. This convertible features the Cormorant deluxe hood ornament, something that wasn’t standard on the junior series cars.

This was the year Packard was named “most beautiful car of the year” by Society of Motion Picture Art Directors.

1951 Packard 250 front

Front view

While the 250 and 200 series were both considered junior models, the 250 Series did have richer appointments such as the three “Ventiports” on the rear fender. It was also the only series to contain a convertible! It would have been intended to compete with cars such as Buick’s Roadmaster, Chrysler New Yorker and Lincoln Cosmopolitan.

1951 Packard 250 Convertible rear view

Rear view – with three-section vertical mount taillamps

Early fifties luxury read/white interior with leather seats.

1951 Packard 250 Convertible interior

Nice interior with leather seats

Power comes from a 327 cubic inch straight eight engine producing 150 horsepower. This is paired with Packard’s Ultramatic Drive automatic transmission.

1951 Packard 327 cubic inch straight eight engine

327 cubic inch straight eight

The 250 Series cars had a wheelbase of 122″ and overall length of 217.7″ and were 77.8″ wide.

Packard produced 4,640 Series 250 cars – this figure includes both the convertible and 2-door hardtops. Base price for the convertible was $3,391. Of note is the fact that the 250 series wasn’t added to the line-up until March 1951 – seven months after the introduction of the other models.

This Packard is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)