The new Ford cars for 1960 – Galaxie, Falcon and Thunderbird.

This is how Ford presented their cars in 1960. We are about to enter a beautiful, exciting, wonderful new world.

The fins might not be as big but “Space” still has a big impact on everybody. You can see the whole commercial below. Watch it and you’ll feel how things have moved on from the fifties to welcome in the new decade.

We see the new Galaxie which ended up selling nearly 290,000 units.

1960 Ford Galaxie

1960 Ford Galaxie

And then, the world’s most wanted car – the 1960 Thunderbird (ended up with over 90,000 cars sold)

1960 Ford Thunderbird

1960 Ford Thunderbird with extra sparkle!

The commercial then presents the car that everyone has been waiting for, the new-sized Ford. The Falcon. Presented as having full comfort for six adults in a car that’ll give you up to 30 miles per gallon.

1960 Ford Falcon

1960 Ford Falcon

The Falcon ended up shifting more than 450,000 cars.

So, let’s take a look at the new world of Ford…

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