1959 Chevrolet Assembly Line – Great photos

1959 was the year of the “Spread-Wing” rear treatment for Chevrolet. It was an era where style was everything with ’59 being the pinacle of the “spaceship” design.

The video at the base of this post is well worth a view shows some stunning photos of the Chevrolet assembly line during 1959.  A total of 1,436,954 cars came off the end of the Chevrolet assembly line for ’59. This was obviously spread over several plants with the one shown below being in Tarrytown, NY.

1959 Chevy Assembly Line

This was a time when it was a team of guys built your car and not a hint of a robot welding or painting the bodies.



59 Chevy body shells almost complete

All of these pictures tell a lovely story from the bare metal components to the stunning, finished car, polished and ready to go to their new owner. You can imagine that the new owners were just days or weeks away and would have sat in their new car with a broad smile on their face.

Are some of these beauties still being driven? We hope so.

Have a look at this video for the full set of photos.