Thunderbird styling in a Ford station wagon for 1956

Thunderbird Styling on Ford’s for 1956 produced some awesome station wagons. Although using the same body as in 1955, the interiors we all new. This meant an all-new instrument panel.

Gaining popularity during the fifties, station wagons were proving their worth. With family values in mind, Ford were keen to promote their Lifeguard Design which was a bunch of safety features designed to protect against injuries in case of an accident. 1956 was the first year that seat belts we offered!

You just have to love the Parklane Station Wagon (body style number 59C) with its beautiful lines, made better we feel by being a 2 door. They produced 15,186 of these beauties, we wonder how many of them have survived?

Original ad for 56 Ford Station Wagons


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