1949 Nash 600 Super 2-door Sedan

This 1949 Nash Super 600 isn't something you see very often, you certainly remember it when you do come across one. This beauty is the result of the first major redesign since the war had ended.

That fantastic looking fastback design ("Airflyte" styling) proved to be very economical at the time reaching around 25 miles per gallon and 500 miles to the tankful. Those lines soon earned the car the nickname of "bathtub" Nash.

1949 Nash Super 600 Fastback

Lovely Fastback design

Power comes from a 173 cubic inch flathead 6-cylinder engine connected to a 3-speed manual transmission.

Interior used a tan pin-stripe cloth and those seats recline! They can actually turn into a bed with a mattress an extra cost option at the time.

1949 Nash Super 600 Interior

Stylish yet simple interior

The Nash 600 was 201" long with a wheelbase of 112" and 77.5" wide and used unibody construction.

Nash produced 17,006 600 Series Super Line 2 door sedans for the 1949 model year. Base price started at $1,786 and was one of America's lowest priced automobiles at the time. Amazing to think now but the turn-signals on this car were a $16 option when it was new.

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