1962 Mercury Monterey Custom

The odometer on this Black Cherry Metallic 1962 Mercury Monterey Custom convertible shows just 74,260 miles and it is believed to be original.

side view of a 62 Mercury Monterey convertible with the top down
side view

Sharing their body with Ford, Mercury cars were distinguished by using different trim. Take a look at a Ford Galaxie from 1962 and you’ll see how close they look albeit with a different grille, rear bumper and taillights. But boy, those taillights certainly add to the look and are probably one of the most striking features of the car. 

rear view

The Monterey was the biggest, most luxurious Mercury. Or, as Mercury put it, “The best-looking buy for the big-car man.”  It measures 215.5″ long with a wheelbase of 120″ and is 79.5″ wide.

The Custom was an interior / exterior package offering enhancements over the standard Monterey. This included a rectangular chrome trim identification piece on the forward part of the front fenders, padded dash and V8 engine (292 cubic inch) as standard. The convertible was only available as a Custom.

The stunning, and original, two-tone ivory interior in this car looks like it’s hardly been sat in.

rear seats of a 62 Mercury convertible
Seats with virtually no wear

If you are familiar with the 1962 Ford Galaxie this dash / instrument cluster will look very familiar.

dash / instrument panel of a 62 Mercury Monterey
dash / front seats

This car was “upgraded” at the time of purchase to a 390 cubic inch V8 Marauder engine (300hp) with 4-barrel carburetor and is paired with the Multi-Drive automatic transmission. This was a $355 option on the Monerey Custom.

1962 Mercury 390 V8
390 V8

The Monterey would have been pitched against cars like: Buick Invicta, Dodge Custom 880, Oldsmobile 88 etc.

Mercury made 5,489 Monterey Custom convertibles (style number 76A) for the 1962 model year at a base price of $3,222. This car was built in the Wayne, MI assembly plant and came with over $600 of extras / options – these included the engine upgrade, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, push-button radio and powered windows.

While not an amazingly popular car at the time, we feel that they have been a little overlooked in the market place. Much of that was probably due to Mercury struggling, at the time, to find their place against their Ford siblings. What we have here is a beautiful car with some nice, distinctive touches.

This ’62 Monterey Convertible is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)