1957 Mercury Monterey Convertible

Mercury cars saw some daring styling changes in 1957. A complete restyle gave them a radical new look when compared to their predecessors. It was the first time Mercury were using bodies that were exclusive to the marque and not using something based on Lincolns or Fords.

And boy did they look great as we can see with this Monterey Convertible.

It always creates some interest when we show another 1957 car with quad headlights. It’s a common belief that quads started life in 1958 but this isn’t really true. Early Montereys had two headlights which later became four as the model year progressed a state laws changed.

1957 Mercury Monterey Convertible - rear view
Rear view

Something to note: early two headlight models had the model name at the front of the front fenders. This was moved to behind the front wheelwells on four headlight models. It’s likely that around 1/3 of 1957 Mercurys were four headlight versions.

Standard in the Monterey was cloth and vinyl upholstery but the convertible came with all-vinyl.

This car has a padded instrument panel which was part of the Safety Group options package that also included front seat belts and padded sun visors. The Deluxe radio that is just visible here was also an option. On the left you’ll see the push-button selector for automatic transmission. 

1957 Mercury Monterey - Interior / Dash
Interior / Dash

The floorpans were now lower for ’57 giving more room inside.

This well-presented 312 cubic inch V8 with 255 horsepower was standard in Montereys and Montclairs. While the Montclair came with a Merc-O-Matic automatic transmission as standard, the original buyer of this Monterey would have paid an additional $226 on their purchase price to get one.

1957 Mercury 312 V8
312 V8

Mercury was now a mid-priced line and offered more luxury than its Ford siblings so, even though the Monterey were now the base models, they were priced slightly higher than the Fairlane 500s, Ford’s top of the line that year. 

This Monterey convertible had a base price of $3,005 which was exactly $500 more than the Fairlane 500 Sunliner. Just 5,003 were sold compared to nearly 78,000 Sunliners.

Other options on this car include power brakes and power steering costing $40 and $86 respectively.

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