1956 Mercury Montclair Coupe

This 1956 Mercury Montclair 2-door Hardtop Coupe was their best selling model that year and sat in their top-of-the-line range.

While the 1956 Mercury still used the same bodies from the previous year there were some styling changes. The front bumper and grille combination was changed placing the MERCURY lettering along the center bar having been moved from the hood. At the front now sat a large M which was a symbol of the latest "Big M" marketing campaign.

The side trim was changed too, producing a lightning bolt effect. The Montclairs were easy to spot as, in addition to the name script on the front fenders, they had a color panel immediately before the side windows. This was painted the same color as the roof.

1956 Mercury Montclair Hardtop Coupe

Montclair - Top-of-the-line for Mercury in 1956

New for 1956 was a new 3-tier instrument cluster. The deep dish steering wheel came standard with the Montclair and was part of Ford's safety initiative to protect the driver from the steering column. The black and white vinyl interior looks nice along side the Saffron Yellow and White exterior perfectly.

1956 Mercury Montclair Interior

Black and white vinyl interior

Under the hood there is a 312 cubic inch 'Safety-Surge' V8 engine. This is paired with a Merc-O-Matic Drive automatic transmission. This combination produced 235 horsepower. This year also saw the move to 12 volt electrics.

1956 Mercury 312 V8 Y-block engine

312 Y-Block V8

Mercury produced 50,562 Montclair 2-door Hardtop Coupes for the 1956 model year. The base price was $2,765 although this car is also fitted with Merc-O-Matic Drive and power steering which would have cost an additional $189 and $81 respectively. Other options included the AM radio, fender skirts and the spinner hubcaps.

This '56 Mercury is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

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