1951 Mercury Sport Coupe

The 1951 Mercury is somewhat of an iconic automobile. This postwar shape was introduced in 1949 and had a run of three years.

It was a body style that proved very popular with customizers who were particularly found of chopping the roof – so popular that it’s always refreshing to see one that hasn’t been messed with.

1951 saw just a few changes such as a new grille, vertical taillights (replacing the horizontal ones from the previous two years) and some trim changes before a complete restyle for 1952. It was the last year for split windshields and suicide doors on the 4-door models too.

1951 Mercury Sport Coupe - side view

Side view

Inside, the interior is very striking and that dash is such a lovely piece that is a joy to look at.

Note that this car also has an original radio installed. Something that would have cost the original owner a further $84 on the purchase price.

1951 Mercury Interior

Stylish interior

Power comes from a 255.4 cubic inch V8 with 2-barrel carburetor producing 112 horsepower. This one is a very tidy example.

1951 Mercury V8

255.4 cubic inch V8

The ’51 Mercury was 206.8″ long with a wheelbase of 118″ and was 76.9″.

Primary competition would have come from cars like the Buick Special, Dodge Meadowbrook, Pontiac Cheiftain Deluxe and Studebaker Commander among a few others.

Mercury sold 142,168 coupes for the 1951 model year with a base price of $1,947. If you wanted a heater they were extra too, at a cost of $64.

This Mercury is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)