1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible

"Come live the Continental life '67 style" was how they promoted this 1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible in Royal Maroon Metallic paint (code X).

The 4th generation Lincoln Continental convertibles stood out because, unusually they had four doors. Not only that but they were suicide doors - something that was quite a Lincoln signature during this period.

As you'd expect from a Luxury brand such as Lincoln they were fully loaded with lots of power options: steering, brakes, windows, convertible top and the front seat were all powered and standard equipment. Automatic transmission was standard too.

1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible rear view

Rear view

Lines are kept clean with a convertible top that disappears completely into the rear deck behind the rear seat.

1967 Lincoln Convertible side view

Side view

The suicide doors in action revealing the gray leather interior (or silver as the brochure would describe it).

1967 Lincoln Continental Conv Suicide Doors

Suicide doors

"Fresh-Flow" ventilation was new this year and changed the air in the car even with the windows up. Vents located on the front doors would pull out stale air with the help of a one-way valve.

Power comes from a 461 cubic inch V8 engine with a Carter 4-barrel carburetor that produces 340 horsepower. This is paired with a Turbo Drive Automatic transmission.

The Continental has a wheelbase of 126" with a total length of 220.9" and is 79.7" wide. The convertible has a pretty hefty curb weight of 5,712 lbs and is one of the heaviest cars Lincoln produced.

Although the 4th generation Continentals ran until 1969, although due to low sales, this was the final year for the convertible.

Lincoln built 2,276 Continental Convertibles for the 1967 model year at a base price of $5,553. Extra options also fitted to this car include air conditioning ($471.05) and Speed control ($94.77).

This car is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

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