1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible

Big, sixties convertibles are great fun and this 1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible looks really cool in red with white interior.

Lincoln’s came with a massive 462 cubic inch big block V8, an engine that had just been introduced that year. It was a larger, more powerful engine for a car that had also grown in size.

Continentals (1961 to 1969) were well known for their suicide doors (the rear doors were hinged at the rear). Interestingly this feature was also carried through to the convertibles with Lincoln being the only American manufacturer producing 4-door convertibles.

66 Lincoln Continental Convertible - side view
side view

1966 was also the first year Lincoln made a two-door hardtop available since the forth generation cars were introduced in 1961.

rear view

The instrument panel / dash of the Continental is quite an unusual design. Leather interiors were standard on the convertibles.

1966 Lincoln Continental Interior
Leather interior with smart instrument panel

Under the hood sits the 462 cubic inch V8 with 4-barrel carburetor outputting 340 horsepower. This is paired with a Turbo Drive automatic transmission – both standard in the ’66 Continental.

1966 Lincoln 462 cubic inch V8
462 cubic inch V8

Continentals had an impressive array of standard equipment including powered windows, brakes, steering, front seat and power top for the convertible. The list also included automatic transmission, emergency flashers, padded instrument panel and sun visors, back-up lights, side view mirror, front and rear seat belts and power front disc brakes.

Some available Lincoln options in 1966



Air conditioning


Individually adjustable front seats


AM/FM push-button radio


Tilt steering wheel


Automatic headlight dimmer


Automatic speed control


Lincoln produced 3,180 four-door Continental Convertibles for the 1966 model year at a base price of $6,383 which was $900 more than the 2-door hardtop. A total of 54,755 Continentals were made that year across three models which was around 36% more than the previous year. With prices being around $600 less that year it was a great incentive to buy a Continental.

This ’66 Continental is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

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