1957 Lincoln Premiere Convertible – a look around

Lincoln introduced the Premiere in 1956 and it ran through until the 1960 model year. Owned by Ford, the Lincoln Division was pitched up against other luxury cars such as Cadillac, Packard and Imperial.

The Premiere was actually very similar visually to the Capri which was also in the line-up for that year.

Plenty of power options were standard such as; power seats (4-way), power windows, power steering and brakes – and of course, a power hood on the convertible! It is equipped with a 368 cubic inch V8 that was rated at 300 horse power.

This ’57 Premiere Convertible looks stunning in Huntsman Red with its black top and red/black interior. Production figures show Lincoln produced 3,767 Premiere Convertibles during the ’57 model year. The base price was $5381 – compare this to a 1957 Chevrolet Convertible that came in at $2500 for the Bel Air (the top of the line Chevrolet at the time).

Enjoy the video below