1956 Lincoln Premiere

It was brand new for 1956 and helped increase Lincoln sales by nearly 85 percent from the previous year, the Premiere had arrived!

The Premiere didn’t replace the Capri series but became the new top-of-the-line series offering more features and luxury. There were three models available, a 4-door sedan, convertible and the best-selling hardtop coupe you see here. Between them sales totalled 41,531 cars.

The step-up in luxury was clearly proving popular with the discerning public as Lincoln made a big push to grab some of Cadillac’s customers.

Rear view of a 56 Lincoln Premiere
Rear view

Everything was new this year, Lincoln had undertaken a bold restyle and it was working. Starting with a new, three inch longer wheelbase, they had redone everything while still managing to maintain a connection with the previous year. 1956 was also the first time that Lincoln had used a wraparound windshield.

Inside, the pastel yellow and black leather interior complements the exterior perfectly. While all leather was standard in the Premiere convertibles it would have been an option in this car because standard seating would have been cloth and leather.

black and yellow interior - 1956 Lincoln Premiere
Leather interior

Note the rather unusual door handle found on these cars.

Door panel of the 56 Premiere by Lincoln
Stylish door panel

Power steering, power brakes and power assisted windows were all standard on the Premiere. Radios however were an additional $100. This car also has air conditioning which was a $595 option.

Under the hood there was just one engine available, a 368 cubic inch V8 that output 285 horsepower. This was mated to a Turbo-Drive automatic transmission as standard.

368 cubic inch V8

If you had ordered a Premiere coupe during the 1956 model year the prices started at $4,601. Lincoln managed to sell 19,619 of them which was 154 more than the 4-door sedan.

To put the price into perspective, the Coupe was nearly $2,500 more than Ford’s Fairlane Victoria hardtop.

This ’56 Premiere is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

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