1955 Imperial

It was the 1955 model year and Imperial was now a make in its own right, separate from Chrysler. "Classic proportions, exquisite appointments" was the order of the day. We can see how this is true of this 1955 Imperial 4-door Sedan in Crown Imperial Blue paint.

Despite this separation Imperial still shared its body shell with Chrysler cars. What was different was the wheelbase of the Imperials which was 4 inches longer at 130", giving more legroom. The split grille was also shared with the Chrysler 300.

It was an exciting year for cars in the Chrysler family with the introduction of the "Forward Look", a major styling revamp by Virgil Exner.

What external feature did distinguish Imperial from Chrysler cars in 1955, was the rather unique "Gunsight" taillights mounted on the rear fenders.  Something that was kept for the following year and then again in 1962.

1955 Imperial Gunsight taillights

Gunsight taillights

Inside the dash / instrument panel is what you'd expect from a luxury car. The seats are trimmed in black and gray cloth.

1955 Imperial Dash

Highly detailed dash in great condition

Power windows, power brakes and power steering where all standard. As was the powered front seat. An extra-cost option we can see here is the Electro Touch-Tuner self-seeking radio.

Power comes from the Firepower, 331.1 cubic inch hemi V8 engine that produces 250 horsepower. This is paired with "PowerFlite" automatic transmission which also came as standard.

1955 Imperial 331 Hemi V8

331 Hemi V8

Imperial 4-door Sedan prices started at $4,483 back in the 1955 model year. A total of 7,840 of them sold during that period.

This car is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos´╗┐)

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