1966 Ford Country Squire

The Country Squire was one of five big wagons that Ford had available for the 1966 model year. This was the top of the line station wagon for ’66 and, apart from the Galaxie 500 7-litre models, were the most expensive full-size Fords that year.

Before mini vans and SUVs became the vehicle of choice of busy moms the station wagon was what you piled in the kids for little league. If you are of a certain age you’ll probably remember many a trip in the back of one of these.

In addition to the Country Squire script on the rear fenders, this top model also featured an additional horse head with crossed riding crops mounted on the front fenders.

Side view of the Country Squire
side view

All ’66 Ford wagons have built-in rear pillar air deflectors to help keep the rear window clean as you drive. At the rear the door works as both a conventional door and a conventional tailgate that can be lowered for extra loadspace. This can then also be used as a platform or picnic table.

Rear view

The all-vinyl beige interior is in remarkable condition and very much based on the Galaxie 500. With just 37,000 miles on the odometer this could well be the original mileage.

1966 Country Squire beige interior
Great interior

Under the hood sits a 390 cubic inch V8 that outputs 275 horsepower and is paired with a Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission. It cost an additional $391 over the standard 240 cubic inch inline size and 3-speed manual transmission.

390 cubic inch V8

The base price for the ’66 Country Squire was $3,182 with an extra $83 for the version with extra seating (dual facing seats that pop up in the load space which meant the car could carry up to TEN people). This option was by far the most popular with Ford selling 47,953 of them versus 27,645 cars without the extra seating.

Additional options on this car include power brakes and power steering costing $42 and $94 respectively.

This ’66 Ford Country Squire is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)