1965 Mustang GT Fastback in Caspian Blue

The Ford Mustang started part way through 1964 (April) and the resulting car was known as the 1964½. It wasn’t until the 1965 model year commenced (October 1964) that we were introduced to the Fastback. Here we have a 289 cubic inch V8 ’65 Mustang GT Fastback that looks magnificent in Caspian Blue.

The GT package on this car was not available until April 1965 and was only available on the 2 more powerful V8 engines. It gave the car a dual exhaust (with Chrome plated tips that came out of the rear valance), front disc brakes, fog lamps mounted in the front grille, GT badging, 5 gauge instrument cluster and thin racing stripes. The latter was possible to have taken off the option.

It’s interesting to note that GT was an option package and not a model variant so it’s not something that shows up on the VIN plate.

1965 Mustang GT Fastback

Rear view

1965 also saw the advancement to using an alternator instead of a generator. The gas gap now had a cable attaching it to the filler neck, as many Mustang owners were finding their caps were getting stolen!

The base price of the Fastback came in at $2,589, which was $217 more expensive than the hardtop. Ford production figures show that 77,079 Fastbacks were produced compared with 409,260 Hardtops. Mustang was really taking off!

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