1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible

Amongst some of the best looking Fords of the sixties was the 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 and particularly in Convertible form.

It is a full-size Ford sitting on a 119″ wheelbase and is 209.8″ long – that’s around seventeen and a half feet.

This particular car spent its life in California and now has a special surprise under the hood. With its poverty hubcaps it certainly looks unassuming.

side view with the top down - 64 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible
side view

Round taillights had become something you expected from Ford having been used for years – although strangely they dropped them in 1960 only to reappear in 1961.

rear view of the 1964 Ford showing the round taillights
rear view

There’s plenty of comfort in the back too with the 100% Foam-Cushioned “Shell Contoured” rear seats. The convertible top is concealed under the padded boot which has concealed fasteners.

64 Galaxie 500 interior
black vinyl interior

The V8 Galaxie came standard with a 195 horsepower 289 cubic inch engine. This car was purchased with a Thunderbird 390 cubic inch V8 that provided 300 horsepower and cost an additional $117 with a 4-speed manual transmission.

However, this car was later fitted with a 406 cubic inch V8 that outputs a massive 470 hp.

Ford 406 V8 - 470 horsepower
406 V8

Ford produced 37,311 Galaxie 500 Convertibles for the 1964 model year. They had a sticker price of $2,947 plus any options.

This ’64 Galaxie 500 Convertible is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

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