1963 Ford Galaxie with 427 V8

It started life as a fairly ordinary 1963 Galaxie with a 352 V8 (X code) and reportedly only done 24,000 miles in its lifetime. Later a rebuilt, 1965 dated, 427 V8 was installed.

Its, mostly original, Raven Black paint still has a nice lustre and further points to a well looked after car that has covered relatively few miles. Even the original spare wheel and jack are in the trunk.

Galaxie was Ford’s breand and butter car competing directly with Chevrolet’s Impala.

Rear view of a 63 Ford Galaxie in black
rear view

At the rear it was unmistakably Ford with their distinctive round taillights and GALAXIE name across the trunk lid.

You can see the Thunderbird influence in the roofline.

Side view of a 63 Galaxie 2-door sedan
side view

A total of 755,140 Galaxies were sold across the line-up with 30,335 being the 2-door sedan.

Inside, the original red vinyl interior still looks really nice. There is just the right amount of wear to indicate those miles are indeed original. Even the carpet and OE mats are what it left the factory with.

Original interior in a 24,000 mile 1964 Galaxie
original interior

Under the hood the original 352 V8 was removed and this 427 cubic inch V8 was installed. This 1965 427 FE is easily producing over 450 horsepower and is equipped with two, 4-barrel carburetors. Paired with it is a T10 Bord Warner 4-speed manual transmission with a Hurst Shifter.

1965 427 FE from 1965 installed in a Galaxie
427 FE engine

A 1963 model year 2-door Galaxie sedan would have cost $2,453 back when it was new with the original owner of this car paying an additional $160 for the 352 V8.

This 1963 Ford Galaxie is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

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