1962 Ford Galaxie 500XL Sunliner with 406 V8

1962 saw a complete redesign of the full-size Ford’s resulting in one of the cleanest looks yet. The model year started off with 12 different Galaxie models. The Galaxie was the base trim level that year with the 500 models sat at the top-of-the-line.

Around February 1962, half way through the model year, two XL models were added to the Galaxie line-up bringing the total models to 14.

The fresh and exciting look included new a new grille, bumpers, taillights (while retaining the, now familiar, round look), was almost slab-sided and the fins were now gone!

Rear view of a Ford Sunliner 500XL from 1962
Rear view

Inside, this Sunliner enjoys an all-vinyl bucket seat interior that was standard on the 500XL.

62 Galaxie 500 Sunliner Convertible interior
Bucket seat interior of the 500XL

The Galaxie 500 Sunliner came standard with a 292 V8 (170 hp) rather than the 223 cubic inch six-cylinder that formed the base for the other Galaxies.

The original owner of this car did choose a 352 v8 costing another $52 on their original purchase price. However, early in the car’s life, the mighty 406 cubic inch was put in its place with appropriate badging appearing on the front fenders. We know this happened a long time ago because the car has been in storage since 1979.

Ford 406 cubic inch V8 fitted to a 1962 Sunliner
406 cubic inch V8

If you wanted a Galaxie 500XL Sunliner back in 1962 they started at $3,518. Ford managed to sell 13,183 of them (the standard 500 Sunliner sold 42,646). A total of 575,124 Galaxies were produced that year.

This ’62 Ford Sunliner is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

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