1958 Ford Custom 300 Tudor

This 1958 Ford Custom 300 2 door sedan (Tudor) was Ford's shorter wheelbase car that offered great style on a budget.

You've never seen such luxury in a car priced so low! stated the Ford literature of the time. The buying public seemed to agree with them as Ford sold over twice as many Custom 300's as the Chevrolet equivalent, the Delray.

It's quite possible that the 33,000 miles on the clock of this Custom 300 are all it's done since it was made all those years ago in Twin Cities, MN making this a great survivor car. 

1958 Ford Custom 300 Tudor

Rear 3/4 view

On the outside it has the "Styletone" trim package offering a double chrome strip with gold anodized insert.

Inside the car, the seats, headliner and door panels are all original. The carpet has been replaced and under the dash sports some after market gauges.

1958 Ford Custom 300 Interior

Mostly original interior

Under the hood there is the original 292 cubic inch V8 with 2-barrel carburetor that outputs 205 horsepower. Rather than the standard 3-speed manual transmission, the original owner of this car opted for a Ford-O-Matic Drive automatic transmission costing an extra $180.

Ford sold 173,441 Custom 300 2-door sedans for the 1958 model year. $2,065 would buy you one with a 223 cubic inch six cylinder engine. An additional $137 would get you the 202 cubic inch base V8 version.

The original owner of this Custom 300 also opted for such luxuries as a clock at $15, AM radio at $77 and a MagicAire heater/defroster at $80.

These might have been the base Ford's but they sold well over 400,000 of them in 1958 alone, accounting for over 40% of sales volume that year.

This Custom 300 is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

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