1955 Ford Crown Victoria

This 1955 Ford Crown Victoria in Tropical Rose and Snowshoe White captures that pastel fifties look perfectly. Ford cars totally redesigned their cars for '55 and they were really starting to show the glamorous style that the late fifties was famous for.

The speedometer with transparent hood for daylight illumination was a carry over from 1954 but the rest of the dash was new. Ford described it as the New Astra-Dial Control Panel and boasted the speedometer was high up on the control panel in the drivers line of sight. The new full-circle radio dial matched perfectly with the circular heater control and clock.

1955 Ford Crown Victoria

New Ford dash for 1955

The Crown Victoria was part of the top-of-the-line Fairlane lineup. The Fairlane has a distinctive V-shaped side trim that ran the length of the car and is used to divide the two-tone color schemes. Unique to the Crown Victoria is the non-structural band (tiara) that runs from the B-pillars and across the roof. Wraparound windshields were new for '55 too.

1955 Ford Crown Victoria - Side View

note the Crown band that runs across the roof

Fairlanes also came equipped with two sun visors, half-circle horn ring, twin horns, arm rests, cigarette lighter, stem-wind clock, bright moldings around the windshield and back window, chrome eyebrows above the headlights and Fairlane nameplate and crest on the hood and desk lid. The side of the car also featured a crest and a body style nameplate.

Also new for 1955 was the Y-block 272 cubic inch (4.5 liter) V8. It was based on the previous design but another 33 cubic inches was added and produced 162 horsepower.

It has a 115.5" wheelbase and the overall length is 198.5" excluding the continental kit which is an aftermarket item.

There were 33,165 Crown Victorias produced by Ford for 1955, with a base price of $2,302. This car was originally assembled in the Dearborn, MI plant.

Some available Ford options in 1955



Power windows


Power seat


Power steering


Power brakes


Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission


This car is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

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