1954 Ford Crestline Sunliner

This 1954 Ford Crestline Sunliner is a very special convertible.  Ford made 1500 demonstrator cars for dealers that had a Plexiglass window in the hood for showroom viewing.

It was designed to showcase Ford’s new Y-Block, 239 cubic inch OHV V8 that provided 130 horsepower. Potential customers could then marvel at the new engine while taking a look around the car. Small lights were also mounted inside to help illuminate the engine.

Obviously never really intended to be released like this to the general public (it is likely that the hood would be replaced for a standard one when they were eventually be sold off). So, the number of survivors is likely to be extremely low making this a very rare car.

1954 Ford Sunliner Demonstrator
View from above

Here’s a closeup of the Plexiglass hood.

1954 Ford Demonstrator Hood
Demonstrator night and day hood.

Sunliners came with two-tone pleated vinyl upholstery over foam rubber padded seating.

54 Ford Sunliner Interior
Two-tone vinyl interior

If you wanted a ’54 ford Sunliner when they were new it would have cost you $2,164 for the six cylinder version and a further $76 if you wanted the 239 cubic inch V8. A total of 33,685 Sunliners were sold that year.

The Ford-O-Matic Drive automatic transmission on this car would have cost the original owner a further $184 when they ordered the car new.

Other options on this car include: MagicAire heater and defroster ($70), electric clock ($15) and AM radio ($88).

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