1959 Edsel Ranger

Love them or loathe them, you can’t deny that Edsels stand out in a crowd. This 77,000 original mile, 1959 Edsel Ranger 2-door sedan is certainly eye-catching in Mist Green. From the horseshoe grille to the wing design on the trunk lid, it was unmistakably Edsel. 

Clearly well cared for and had light use all of its life, it is an excellent example of this rare, and appreciating in value, car.

Some of the sheet metal was actually shared with the 1959 Ford.

Rear view of a 59 Edsel Ranger
Rear view

The sales literature stated, “Exciting new kind of car that makes history by making sense” but unfortunately that sense wasn’t widespread and sales for 1958 were disastrously low. This led to Ford cutting the higher-priced lines that weren’t selling and concentrate on the lower-priced series. Essentially leaving just the Ranger and Corsair. It did eventually make history, although for entirely different reasons than Ford originally intended.

Inside this is still the original interior from when the car was made in 1959.

Interior shot of a 1959 Edsel Ranger - tu-tone green
Tu-tone Green Vinyl And Signet Cloth

Under the hood is the original 223 cubic inch, 145 horsepower engine. This is paired with a 3-speed manual transmission.

223 cubic inch economy six

Also available and new for 1959, and only available on the Ranger and Villager Station Wagons, was the 292 cubic inch V8 producing 200 horsepower.

The Ranger had a wheelbase of 120″, overall length of 210.9″ and width of 79.8″.

side view of the 59 Edsel Ranger
Side view showing the color-filled moldings


Option Price
Wheel covers $16.60
Two-tone paint $21.55
Lever-Temp heater $74.45
Tinted glass $39.90


Option Price
Mile-o-Matic Automatic Transmission $189.60
Push-button radio $64.95
Power brakes $42.25
Power steering $81.80
Power windows $102.05
Tinted glass $37.90
Air conditioning with Dial-Temp heater/defroster $431.20
Padded instrument panel and visors $20.60

There were 7,778 Edsel Ranger 2-door Hardtop Sedans made during the 1959 model year and they sold for a base price of $2,629. This car was built in Louisville, KY on May 25, 1959 – 3 months before the end of the 59 model year.

Sadly, it wasn’t to be long before Edsel completely ceased to be manufactured on November 19, 1959 with them producing just 2,846 cars for the 1960 model year.

This ’59 Edsel Ranger is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

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