1973 Dodge Challenger – video walk around and test drive

You can’t deny that the Sublime Green paint makes this 1973 Dodge Challenger really stand out, especially with the contrasting white interior. Equipped with a 340 cubic inch V8 and 727 TorqueFlite automatic transmission she’s a beauty.

1973 saw very few changes over the 1972 Challenger, namely a revised grille insert and big bumper guards because of new bumper regulations. The standard engine was the 318 cubic inch V8 with the 340 being a $181 option at the time.

The original brochure described the car as a personal sports compact! Dodge produced 32,596 Challengers for the 1973 model year. The base price was $3011 and would you believe an AM/FM stereo was a $194 option?

Enjoy the video below

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