1968 Dodge Polara

Full-size sixties cars can be a lot of fun especially with some of the bright colors available and lounge-like interiors. This 1968 Dodge Polara 4-door Sedan in Medium Turquoise Metallic is no exception.

With only around 41,000 miles on the odometer, wearing its original paint, interior and chrome this has been one cared for automobile. It’s only had two owners and the first owner bought it in Missouri back in 1968 and kept the car for over 45 years!

1968 Dodge Polara Sedan - side view

Side view

The ’68 Polara measures 219″ long with a wheelbase of 122″ and is 80″ wide.

1968 Dodge Polara Sedan Rear view

Rear view

The turquiose interior complements the external color beautifully.

1968 Dodge Polara Interior

Turquoise interior with cloth and vinyl seats

As well as the original seats, the headliner, door panels, dash and carpet as all original too.

1968 Dodge Polara Instruments / Dash

Instruments / Dash

Power comes from a 318 cubic inch “LA” engine with 2-barrel carburetor that produces 230 horsepower. A three-speed manual transmission is standard on Polara although this car has the optional Torqueflite automatic transmission costing an additional $163 at the time of purchase.

The Polara would have been competition against cars like Chevrolet’s Caprice, the Ford LTD and Pontiac’s Catalina. Unfortunately for Dodge, all three did much better with the Catalina in the lead selling nearly three and a half times the amount of Polaras sold.

Dodge built a total of 71,000 Polaras for the 1968 model year. Prices started at $3,765 for the 4-Door Sedan you see here which was built in the Belvedere, Illinois assembly plant. In addition to the TorqueFlite transmisison mentioned above, this car was also purchased with power steering costing an additional $73 and Music Master AM radio  at $47.

This Dodge Polara is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)