1956 Dodge Custom Royal Sedan

This is the sort of find that many of us dream about. Found in a local garage having been stored since 1980, this 1956 Dodge Custom Royal is in exceptional condition and shows just 37,000 miles on the odometer.

It does appear that it was repainted at some point but the exceptional condition inside and out would seem to indicate that this mileage could well be actual.

The Custom Royal was instantly recognizable with its side trim that had an additional piece that ran parallel to the to the tailfin allowing a band of lower body color to extend upwards between the two. In lesser models the chrome trim just swept downwards meeting the top corner of the rear bumper.

1956 Dodge Custom Royal

Custom Royal - top-of-the-line for '56

Inside the interior not only looks stunning but it is all original.

1956 Dodge Custom Royal Interior

Beautifully preserved interior

Even the door panels look amazing.

1956 Dodge Custom Royal door panel

original door panel

Under the attractive two-tone hood is a 315 cubic inch Super Red Ram with 4-barrel carburetor that outputs 230 horsepower and was the standard engine for the Custom Royal. Rather than settling for a 3-speed manual transmission the original owner of this Dodge opted for a Power-Flite Drive automatic transmission costing him an additional $184 on the purchase price of the car.

This was the year that saw the introduction of Chrysler's push-button gear selection across the entire Dodge line-up which was another attractive reason to opt for an automatic transmission.

There were 4 models within the Custom Royal Series: a two and four door Lancer, a convertible and the Sedan that you see here. A separate breakdown of production figures wasn't kept but we do know that a total of 49,293 Custom Royals were produced. The base price of a Sedan was $2,588.

This Dodge is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

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