1956 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer Coupe

This freshly restored 1956 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer had actually sat stored somewhere dry in Colorado for around 30 years prior to the restoration and was last licensed in 1983. This probably explains the low, 54,995 mileage on the odometer.

Offered in flamboyant three-tone paint this Royal came in a combination of Oriental Coral, Sapphire White and Iridescent Charcoal.

In addition to the Custom Royal script on the rear fender you could spot one of these top-of-the-line models by the additional chrome side trim that ran parallel to the tailfin forming a V-shape by the rear bumper (other models had just one piece of trim that ran along the length of the car terminating by the rear bumper).

56 Dodge Custom Royal Rear View

Rear view

On the left of the dash you can see the New for 1956 push-button shift control. 

1956 Dodge Dash


Inside, the '56 Dodge offered "Panel-Perfect" interiors, especially chosen by the Dodge Panel of Fashion. Seen here with silvery-black Jacquard, blue or green versions were also available. All came with Cordagrain trim.

56 Custom Royal Lancer - rear seat

Rear seats

The Custom Royal came with a 315 cubic inch Super Red Ram V8 engine that output 230 horsepower as standard. It was an increase of 45 cubic inches and 32 hp over the previous year. Only their D-500 engine was more powerful this year.

While a 3-speed manual transmission was standard the original owner of this car opted to pay an additional $188 for a PowerFlite automatic transmission.

1956 Dodge Super Red Ram

315 CID Super Red Ram

A 2-door Custom Royal Lancer hardtop would have cost you from $2,658.

You would have paid extra for some of the goodies on this car such as: heater and defroster ($78), AM radio ($110), power steering ($92) and power brakes ($38).

This Custom Royal is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)


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