1955 DeSoto Firedome

DeSoto was all-new for 1955 and now sporting Virgil Exner's "Forward Look". This new swept-back effect and sloping pillars enhance the feeling of motion and five a definite forward look to the car.

Although DeSoto didn't have much time left before their untimely demise, they were producing some great looking cars as you can see with this 1955 Firedome in Carnival Red.  Although this was just their base model it's still a fairly luxurious car for the time.

As well as the new look, DeSoto had moved on mechanically and there were no more six cylinder engines available. It was V8 all the way!

Desoto Flite Control

Desoto Flite Control

Firedomes were fitted with a 291 cubic inch hemi V8 that produced 185 horsepower. 3-speed manual transmission (column mounted) was standard but you could opt for PowerFlite automatic transmission at extra cost (see below).

Set the new 'Flite Control' lever in drive and you're off!", the brochure told us. This was a selector lever that protruded from the dashboard. This was also the first year of the new, wraparound windshield.

55 DeSoto Firedome Rear

Rear view

DeSoto made 46,388 Firedome four-door sedans for 1955 at a base price of $2,498. Option extras purchased when this car was new include Powerflite automatic transmission ($189), AM radio ($110) and heater ($92).

Other options available at the time were: power steering ($113), power brakes ($40), air conditioning ($567), power front seat ($70) and power windows ($102).

This DeSoto Firedome is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

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