1972 Chevrolet Nova SS – video walkaround

Check out this super clean, numbers matching 1972 Chevrolet Nova SS 2 door coupe in Placer Gold. It’s powered by a Turbo-Fire 350 cubic inch V8 (200-hp for the SS) and 4-speed manual transmission (factory option).

This is a third generation Nova which ran from 1968 to 1974. The original brochure told us, “It took five years to make Nova what it is today”, referring to the refinements since the 1968 model. Very little had changed looks-wise from 1971 and the body was pretty much as it was in 1968.

Base price for the V8 2-door Nova’s was $2,471 and the Super Sport (SS) package was originally a $320 option on top of that.

There were 349,733 Novas built for the 1972 model year and 12,309 of those were Nova SS models

Enjoy the video below
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