1969 Chevolet Chevelle SS 396 – video walk around

Here we have an immaculate 1969 Chevolet Chevelle Mailbu SS 396 in Olympic Gold. Powered by a 396 cubic inch Turbo-Jet V8 and a Turbo Hydra-Matic Transmission.

Chevelle's were introduced in 1964 with the second generation running from 1968 – 1972.

The Chevelle Malibu was a mid-priced, mid-sized series. The base price of the Malibu 2-door Sport Coupe was $2690 with the SS-396 package putting the price up to $2,743, the Strato bucket seats were a $121.15 option.

The car is also equipped with air conditioning which would have added around $400 on to the price when new.

Chevrolet built approximately 367,100 Chevelle Malibu’s and 86,307 cars had the SS-396 option.

Enjoy the video below

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