1966 Chevrolet Corvette – video walk around

This is a 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Fastback Coupe in Silver Pearl with Black interior. It's fitted with a 327 cubic inch Turbo Fire V8 engine which produced 300 horsepower.

There was another 327 cubic inch V8 option available at $105 extra that produced 350 horsepower.  Also available were two 427 cubic inch V8 engines producing 390 and 425 horsepower costing an extra $181.20 and $312 respectively.

This car has a 4-speed manual transmission which 89.3% of 1966 Corvettes had. Despite the 3 speed manual transmission coming as standard, upgrading to the 4-speed would have cost the original owner of this car $184.

1966 saw the Chevrolet removing the roof vents (which didn't really work that well anyway and adding a new egg-crate grille, ribbed rocker panel molding and chrome plated exhaust bezels.

Chevrolet built 9,958 Corvette Fastback Coupes for the 1966 model year. Base price was $4,295. Air conditioning would have set you back a further $412.90, power brakes $43.05, power steering £94.80 and leather seats $79.


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