A look at the 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible

This 64 Chevy Impala SS Convertible is very eye-catching in its Ember Red finish.

Impala interiors were always rather striking and this car is no exception. Extra-thick cushioned seats were standard fare on Impala’s as were the aluminum front seat end panels. As too were the electric clock, parking brake warning light and distinctive Impala emblem mounted in the center of the steering wheel. The SS also had special emblems on the door panels and console. You can see too the rear speaker that is built into the rear seat with its chrome grille.

This car is fitted with the 327 cubic inch V8 although over 8,500 Super Sports were equipped with a 409 cubic inch V8. Transmission is a 2 Speed Power Glide.

1964 was the last year of the third generation Chevy Impala and a stunning car it is too.  All we know is that there were over 185,000 Super Sport Impalas made but with no real breakdown of into the different body styles. It is likely that the Convertible forms a relatively low percentage of this number.

Enjoy the video below

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