1956 Chevy Bel Air Sport Sedan

1956 proved to be a natural evolution for the Chevrolet line-up that had received such a glamorous and popular revamp the previous year. As you can see with this Bel Air Sport Sedan they produced one fine looking automobile.

The “Sport” referred to Chevrolet’s Hardtop – the pillarless model available as a 4-door sedan or coupe. It was only available on the Bel Air (top of the line) and Two-Ten (intermediate lineup) and not on the One-Fifty base series. 

While there was a Sport Coupe in 1955 the only 4-door had pillars, the Sport Sedan was new in the line-up for 1956.

Chevrolet promoted the Sport Sedan as “hardtop glamour, 4-door convenience“. It really was a practical family car that oozed sporty good looks.

1956 Bel Air Sport Sedan
rear view

The India Ivory over Dusk Plum you see here was one of 14 two-tone combinations available for ’56.

56 Chevy Sports Sedan
side view

Inside this car has received a sympathetic restoration with period correct black and white interior. It now features tilt steering wheel, Vintage air conditioning and a 300 watt stereo to enjoy some great cruising music.

1956 Bel Air Interior

This Bel Air came from the factory in Baltimore, MD with a 265 cubic inch V8 under the hood. This was a $99 upgrade over the standard Blue-Flame six cylinder engine.

This car also comes with a Powerglide automatic transmission costing the original owner a further $189 on the base price.

If you wanted to buy a Bel Air Sport Sedan when it was new prices started at $2,230. That worked out at $162 more than the standard Bel Air Sedan.