1963 Buick Wildcat Sport Coupe

Having started its life as a Sports Coupe in the Invicta line-up in 1962, the sporty Wildcat received a promotion in 1963 to its own series. As well as the Sport Coupe you see here, the line-up also included a 4-door hardtop coupe, and convertible.

Invictor sales had been dropping and with the beginnings of the personal luxury car market off to a good start, it was a good moment to release a bucket seated car with special trim. The Wildcat had managed to kill off the Invicta except for the Station Wagon.

This was a plush but sporty Buick. Get behind the wheel of one of these and you know you have some power at your disposal. This particular Wildcat is a lovely example in Bronze Mist with an Arctic White roof.

1963 Buick Wildcat Sport Coupe rear view

Rear view

Inside, the Wildcat enjoyed a deluxe steering wheel, all-vinyl interior, bucket seats and a center console (optional on the 4-door version). The padded dash was standard.

1963 Buick Wildcat Sport Coupe Interior

All-vinyl interior with bucket seats

Under the hood the Wildcat is powered by a 401 cubic inch "Wildcat 445" V8 engine with a 4-barrel carburetor outputting 325 horsepower. It was the biggest, most powerful engine Buick had available. The "445" refers the the maximum Torque output.

This came standard with a Turbine Drive automatic transmission (as fitted to this car). A 4-speed manual transmission was an option at $32.

The original owner of this car ordered it with some great options including: power brakes ($43), power steering ($108), powered windows ($108) and power adjusted driver's seat ($97).

Buick sold a total of 12,185 Wildcat Sports Coupes for the 1963 model year at a base price of $3,849. 

This Wildcat is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)


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