1951 Buick Super Tourback Coupe

This is one Buick you don't come across very often. Made in relatively small numbers, this 1951 Buick Super Tourback Coupe (model 56S) is a true survivor. Also referred to as a Sedanet or Jetback, this car had one owner for much of its life until inherited by his son.

What makes it even more special is that is is unmolested (except one repaint in the 1980s) with only 35,000 miles on the clock that are well documented. Garage kept since it was purchased new it is clearly one pampered car.

This Buick is painted in Sharon Green Metallic which was one of about 5 greens available that year. This rear view shows just how great the fastback design looks.  The trunk lid displays the "Super" Series designation and the rear fenders tell us this car is fitted with Dynalow automatic transmission - a $178 option at the time.

1951 Buick Super Jetback Styling

Rear view showing the fastback styling

Power comes from a 263.3 cubic inch Fireball 8-cylinder engine producing 128 horsepower (which paired with the Dynaflow mentioned above). When paired with the standard 3-speed manual transmission power output is 124 hp.

1951 Buick 263.3 cubic inch Fireball Engine

263.3 cubic inch Fireball Engine

The Super Series cars sat in the middle of the Buick line-up in 1951, above the Special and was a slightly bigger car despite looking quite similar. They would have competed with rivals such as the Chrysler Windsor, DeSoto Custom and Oldsmobile's Super 88.

The interior is all original although showing its age now in the driver's seat.

1951 Buick Super Interior

Original interior

Buick made just 1,500 Super Tourback 2-door Tourback Sedans. With falling sales this was to be the last year they would produce this body style. It's a shame because it looks beautiful but it was a sign of changing trends at the time.

Had you have ordered one when they were new it would have set you back $2,248.

This car is currently for sale on eBay. (follow the link for even more photos)

Enjoy the video below

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